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Frequently Asked Questions…

It is often said that the music and entertainment you choose for your wedding day becomes the single most important decision you will make regarding the success of your Wedding Reception.  Here are some important questions to ask the DJ you hire for your wedding (along with my responses):

Question:  What happens if you experience equipment failure at my wedding reception?

Answer:  I will always arrive at your wedding reception with back-up equipment.


Question:  How do we know that the DJ we hire will be the DJ who covers our reception?

Answer:  When you contract with me, I will be the DJ who covers your wedding.  Unlike some booking agents who will send you a DJ from a pool of DJs, of unknown experience, I am the one who will be returning your telephone calls and e-mails and I will be the one providing the DJ services at your wedding.


Question:  From whom should we be requesting references about the DJ we are considering hiring?

Answer:  Contact the banquet hall, where you will be having your Wedding Reception, for a reference.  The banquet managers where you are holding your special event should be able to provide you with helpful references, having worked with the more reputable DJ services in your area.


Question:  How can we negotiate a better price from the DJ we are hiring?

Answer:  When interviewing your DJ, ask him/her if they offer off-season rates and/or special rates for a Sunday or afternoon reception.


Question:  Are there any other wedding professionals whom you would recommend?
Answer:  Here are links to a few wedding vendors that I would highly recommend:

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